Khaki skirt with a color top, elegant and simple

Khaki skirt with black vest

Khaki skirts should wear a lively feel, you can try to wear a casual top, you can try to take a vest on the usual route, black vest high waist long skirt highlights long legs, with black sandals overall is quite harmonious A match.

Casual dresses
Khaki skirt with striped top

The presence of stripes makes the boring items lively. The color is matched with the appropriate stripe pieces and there is a feeling of ocean wind. It is also very cool in summer, so the summer is also very popular. Pinstriped long-sleeved shirt + long skirt + denim jacket A little casual but elegant, with a pair of little red shoes is a plus.

Casual dresses
Khaki skirt with black T-shirt

Khaki skirt + black short sleeve is very casual and very street style, high waist umbrella skirt + black short sleeves to make fun of the students, black thick-soled platform sandals + white socks are pure and pleasant, summer sense This is only the hipsters and student sisters.

Casual dresses
Khaki skirt with white shirt

What color blouse with khaki skirt looks good? If it is ol, it is right to wear a white shirt. The shirt and the long skirt are matched. It is suitable for the professional style. The white shirt creates a simple and capable impression. It is elegant and generous with a long skirt, which is very suitable for the workplace. In modern life, you don’t want to look too rigid. You can choose a shirt with a little design. This year, it is a good choice for the lotus leaf sleeves.

Casual dresses

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