INSPIRATION Weekly Inspiration: Beach Vacation Plan

Casual dresses

With the dual status of island control and fashion top students, beach dress is worthy of becoming a specialized subject. Among them, there are a variety of beach dresses to enjoy the preference, no one is more familiar with the sea breeze than the skirt, of course, still sunscreen!

Plain chiffon jumpsuit

Put the stamp on one side first, let’s talk about the power of the solid color. The single color number from the head and the foot is really a bit boring, but the Jacquemus short paragraph above the knee will not! Increase the skin’s degree, and inadvertently more vivid. Come to the beach “no legs”, no doubt can be ranked in the top three regrets.

Casual dresses
Design printed jumpsuit

Find a “beach feeling” for the usual wide-leg pants jumpsuit, which is more chic than the skirt. In addition to the island prints you can think of, don’t forget to choose more design details to bring urban charm to the pastoral print. The cotton and linen texture is also our recommended fabric. It is breathable and dry, and the touch that can be breathed is especially “holiday”.

Casual dresses
Bohemian style

The finale is coming, how do you choose the necessary print dress? Quickly locks according to floral or geometric patterns. But we want to recommend you to think about whether you want to “face” or “light”? The color with high color saturation is like the seaside at sunset. This welcoming Alberta Ferretti bohemian dress is a fusion of sunset orange warm light.

Casual dresses
Printed long dress

The low-saturation of the light, fresh and natural is like the tranquil atmosphere of the beach in the morning. Seafolly wrap dress with lavender purple and sweet orange is the beach ice cream color you want! Which one to choose? If you are entangled, both of them will be loaded with a box.

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